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Dear Filmmakers and Producers,

You are invited to discover the magic of Istria, a unique, one-of-a-kind region that provides unbelievable opportunities for your film projects.

The Istria Film Commission was established in 2015 and since than acts as a department within IKA – the Istrian Cultural Agency. The founder of IKA is the Istrian Region.

The Istria Film Commission is at your service as a reliable host in Istria, providing the necessary support and information to help you make the most of all the resources Istria has to offer. Our goal is to facilitate your journey to the perfect film set, whether it’s a medieval hilltop village, the Adriatic coast, a historic town, or any other unique corner of Istria.

Istria is more than just a location – it’s an experience that will enrich your filmmaking. Whether you’re shooting a romantic film, a historical drama, an adventurous thriller, or something entirely different, Istria offers a vast diversity of settings and an atmosphere that will add an extra dimension to your project.

Come and explore the tricoloured Istrian land, feel the hospitality of local communities, indulge in exquisite cuisine, and create film stories that will remain engraved in your audience’s memory. The Istria Film Commission will provide the necessary support and enable you to realize your vision.

The Istria Film Commission acts as a direct link between audiovisual productions and specific locations in Istria.

Its primary mission is to define models of collaboration and strengthen relationships with the public authorities, private and business entities, to provide help and support to audiovisual productions. Support, consultation, and the mentioned services are the core activities of the Commission.

In its work, the Istria Film Commission will provide the following services:

  • Finding film locations, preliminary locations scouting
  • Communication with public authorities, private and business entities in Istria and at the national level
  • Mediation in obtaining filming permits and approvals for the rental of public areas
  • Access to the database
  • Education for the needs of audiovisual production and more.

We are committed to dedicating individual attention to each client considering various requirements, the complexity, and the specificity of the needs of audiovisual productions.

All of this, free of charge!


The obligation to submit a Filming Registration for an audiovisual work in the Republic of Croatia applies to the following types of audiovisual works, regardless of how they are made available to the public:

  • a feature film
  • a short feature film
  • an animated film
  • a documentary film
  • an experimental film
  • a TV film
  • a TV series
  • a promotional video.

The Filming Registration for filming an audiovisual work in the Republic of Croatia shall be submitted to HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Centre) no later than 8 (eight) days before the start of filming of the audiovisual work, and in case of filming a promotional video, no later than 3 (three) days before the start of filming. HAVC collects and processes the data listed in the Registration Form solely for the purpose of statistical monitoring of activities.

After the proper submission of the Filming Registration of an audiovisual work in the Republic of Croatia, HAVC issues a confirmation of the registration of filming an audiovisual work. This confirmation does not constitute a permit for filming the said audiovisual work in the Republic of Croatia.

The online Registration Form and the complete text of Regulations are available here: https://havc.hr/o-nama/evidencija-snimanja


Population (2021):

195,794 inhabitants
69.60 inhabitants/km²

Official language:

bilingual area – Croatian and Italian

Transportation connectivity:

air, land (roads and railways), and sea routes

Islands, islets, and reefs:

about 50

Highest peak:

Vojak (1,396 m)


539 km


The inland has a moderate continental climate, partly mountainous, while the Adriatic coast boasts a pleasant Mediterranean climate.




Mirna, Raša, Dragonja






Istria is a remarkable film destination that will enchant your senses and inspire your creativity! With its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and preserved nature, Istria offers infinite filming opportunities.

Istria is a peninsula in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated at the tri-border area between Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy, and is famous for its indented coastline, sylvan landscapes, and fertile fields. It stands out with its geographical position between the Adriatic Sea, the picturesque Učka Mountain, and the Ćićarija Plateau.

The Istrian Region is organized in 41 local self-government territorial units: 10 towns and 31 municipalities.

Towns: Buje-Buie, Buzet, Labin, Novigrad-Cittanova, Pazin, Poreč-Parenzo, Pula-Pola, Rovinj-Rovigno, Umag-Umago, and Vodnjan-Dignano.

Municipalities: Bale-Valle, Barban, Brtonigla-Verteneglio, Cerovlje, Fažana-Fasana, Funtana, Gračišće, Grožnjan-Grisignana, Kanfanar, Karojba, Kaštelir-Labinci – Castellier-Santa Domenica, Kršan, Lanišće, Ližnjan-Lisignano, Lupoglav, Marčana, Medulin, Motovun-Montona, Oprtalj-Portole, Pićan, Raša, Sveti Lovreč, Sveta Nedelja, Sveti Petar u Šumi, Svetvinčenat, Tar-Vabriga, Tinjan, Višnjan-Visignano, Vižinada-Visinada, Vrsar-Orsera, and Žminj.

One of Istria’s main advantages which make it stand out as a film destination is its diversity of landscapes. It offers beautiful beaches, idyllic fishing villages, mountain peaks, oak and pine forests, picturesque waterfalls, caves, and charming vineyards. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, Istria has a location that will fulfill your story.

Istria’s rich cultural heritage presents another key component of its attractiveness to film productions. Medieval towns with impressive fortifications, castles, cobbled streets, and authentic churches provide historical scenery that will bring any story set in past times to life.

Its modern towns, on the other hand, resonate with artistic spirit and creativity, offering dynamic filming locations for contemporary stories, making Istria a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

In Istria, you’ll discover a winning combination of locations that will enrich every scene, whether it’s a spectacular action sequence, a warm romantic story, or an intriguing mystery. At every turn, you’ll find a new set for your film story.

Welcome to the film paradise of Istria!


LOCATION – The Istrian Region covers a major part of Istria, the largest Adriatic peninsula. The westernmost point of Croatia is located in the Istria (Bašanija, Cape Lako) at 45° north latitude.

Istria highlights its extremely favourable geographical position at the intersection of important European transport routes. Located in the north-eastern part of the Adriatic Sea, Istria is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with its northern mainland boundary marked by a line between the Gulf of Trieste (Muggia) near Trieste and the Bay of Preluk, near Rijeka.

With such a favourable geographical position, exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, Istria has always been a bridge connecting the Central European mainland with the Mediterranean.

CLIMATE – The fundamental trait of the area of the Istrian peninsula is dictated by its Mediterranean climate.

The main features of the Mediterranean climate are warm and dry summers, with an average of nearly 2,400 sunny hours per year. Winters are mild and pleasant, snow being a rare occurrence. The Istrian northern coast yearly air temperature average is around 14°C, its southern areas and islands’ temperature being somewhat higher with an average of 16°C. Overall a very pleasant climate with the lowest air temperature averaging 6 °C in January, and the highest air temperature averaging 24 °C during July and August.

WATERCOURSES – Besides their ecological importance, watercourses in Istria have often been an inspiration for artists, creating picturesque scenes captured in many artworks and films shot in the region. Thanks to its impermeable flysch deposits, Istria is not lacking in water.

RELIEF – The relief of Istria, marked by a profusion of mountainous, hilly, and coastal areas, offers a wide range of opportunities for creating diverse and visually appealing projects.

The indented coastline of Istria is the result of the activity of natural forces over a long period of time, resulting in picturesque coves, bays, islets, and peninsulas.

The central part of Istria’s mainland abounds in picturesque hilly landscapes. Small vineyards, olive groves, and forests blend with the hills. This relief forms memorable landscapes, especially at sunrise or sunset, creating inspirational scenes.

Istria has several mountainous areas, such as Učka which provides spectacular mountain landscapes. High cliffs, nature reserves, and mountain peaks make this area extremely attractive for filming dramatic and adventurous genres.

One third of the Istrian peninsula is covered by forests. Dense oak, pine, and other types of forests create magical locations suitable for filming various genres, from adventures to mysteries.

Interesting facts:

Istria boasts a remarkable diversity of landscapes, ecosystems, and habitats. According to geological and geomorphological structure, it is divided into three different areas:

Red Istria (western coast) – predominantly reddish-brown soil (terra rossa)

Gray Istria (central Istria) – predominantly greyish clay soil

White Istria (slopes of Mount Učka and the eastern part of the peninsula) – predominantly rocky soil.

TRANSPORTATION CONNECTIVITY – Due to its favourable position, the resulting abundance of options and the accessibility of transportation infrastructure (road, rail, sea, and air traffic) are the main advantages in confirming Istria as a film destination. This is evidenced by the accessibility of sea and land routes, and five airports within a radius of 100 kilometres.

ECONOMY – The Istrian economy is very diverse. It has a well-developed processing industry, construction industry, trade, marine fishery, fish farming, agriculture, and transport. In terms of the number of economic entities and financial performance indicators, the leading activities are tourism, trade, and processing and construction industries. Istria is as per tradition the most visited tourist region in Croatia.

ACCOMMODATION AND HOSPITALITY – The Istrian Region is known as a region of highly developed, modern, and numerous hotels and catering infrastructure, providing extraordinary experience and exceptional comfort for its guests.

Istria offers various accommodation options, the offer including luxury and boutique hotels, apartments, villas, campsites, and rural holiday homes. This diversity allows visitors to find accommodation that best suits their preferences and needs.

TECHNICAL AND HUMAN RESOURCES – In order to ensure optimal filming conditions, Istria offers a range of professional experts whose knowledge of the terrain will facilitate and simplify any filming. Our base of film professionals will meet all production requirements.

25% CASH REBATE PRODUCTION INCENTIVES – In 2012 a financial incentive available to international and local productions filming feature films, animations, documentaries, TV films and series was introduced on a national level in the form of a cash rebate of 25% on qualifying Croatian spending. An additional 5% is approved for productions filming in regions with below average development.

Application criteria are available on the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) website: https://filmingincroatia.hr/


Istria has developed into a well-known tourist destination that places a high value on its socio-cultural values and the perfect blend of maritime and continental natural beauties. In the context of its future tourism development, Istria has decided to take a step further and to focus on positioning the region on the map of prominent film locations.

Istria has always been acclaimed as a land of cordial hosts; a trait rooted in a dedicated commitment to tourism. Given the long-standing tourist tradition with which the hosts have grown together, a proficient knowledge of foreign languages and cordial hospitality in a welcoming atmosphere are well-known traits of the Istrian identity.


Experience Istria through the film frame – discover the secrets of favourite films!

Istria boasts a long history of excellence as a desirable filming location for feature films and TV series and the trend of choosing it as a filming location for major TV and film productions, commercials, reality shows, and other audiovisual projects is on the rise.

Over the decades, the silver screen has seen Istria bringing to life a wide range of locations: Norwegian fjords, the Eastern Front, northern France and Provence, Tuscany, Sicily, the Wild West, and various others, worthily representing them, thus confirming its outstanding transformative power.

In this introductory chapter on Istria’s film heritage, we invite you on a journey through more than a century of film history of this magical peninsula. Through the diversity of genres, selected themes, and an incredible scenery and backdrop settings, Istria remains an unforgettable screen with stories passed down through generations. Get ready to discover Istria, where every frame brings history, nature, and culture to life in the most cinematic way possible.

An impressive number of 130 feature films shot in Istria sets the Istrian peninsula at the forefront as one of the most desirable filming locations.



In Istria, you can find everything you’re looking for! A bounty of natural beauties and a magnificent architecture that recalls various historical periods and past times rulers who have left a lasting visual mark.

Hills and mountains

Industrial heritage

Parks and forests

Rural landscapes

Military architecture


Public architecture

Underwater and underground

Abandoned areas




Rivers, lakes and waterfalls

Villas, palaces and castles

Religious architecture


Istria Film Commission

Carrarina 1, 52100 Pula, Istria County, Croatia


Tel: +385(0)52 351 474


Do you have a property (like land or a building) that you would like to submit to be considered for future productions like filming movies, TV series, documentaries, and the like? To submit your property, please contact us by email – register your location and add some basic info: property name, its location, and upload 1 to 5 photos. Maybe it is exactly your location the one that will draw attention of an international film production and will remain recorded on the “film reel” forever…

The Istria Film Commission is a member of the European Network of Film Commissions: EUFCN — European Film Commission Network