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additional info : Barban is a small historical village situated on a plateau that separates the town of Labin from Pula area. By the strategic position it has, historically it was built as a fortification, with round and square towers, walls, small and large city gates and a castle. In front of the large city gates there is a small stone church of Sv. Anthony the Abbot from the 15th century, whose interior is decorated with frescoes.

Morosini Grimani Castle

additional info : The Morosini Grimani medieval castle is one of the most preserved castles in Istria that existed already in 13th century as a fortress. The first refurbishment of the renaissance castle was completed in 1485, and the form was essentially not changed even after the alterations after the fire in 1586. The castle was repaired in 1907 and completely renovated in 1933.

Decumanus Street

additional info : The core of Poreč town center consists of a mesh of streets that intersect at right angles and form the correct squares, which were traced by the Romans when founding the city. The main street is still called Dekumanova (from the Latin. Decumanus) and leads from the main square to the city's waterfront.

Buje - old town

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The Old town of Buje is located at the top of the hill, in a prominent position dominating its surroundings and paths controlled by the roads leading to the continental part in the north and the sea in the west.


Labin - old town

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Labin Old Town core is situated on a hill 320 m high, about 3 kilometers  from the nearest sea. Labin's town walls offer a wonderful view of the panorama of the tourist city of Rabac and the part of the Kvarner Bay.



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Draguć is a village in central Istria on a 359 m high hill, 17km northeast of the city of Pazin. It lies beside the road Pazin-Buzet, above the lake Butoniga.


Motovun - city gates and walls

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Sjeverna gradska vrata zapravo su renesansna obrambena kula iz sredine koja je nekada predstavljala glavni ulaz u Motovun. U blizini se nalazi i gradska loža te zapadna gradska vrata koja vode do glavnog trga. Motovunske zidine su najočuvanije gradske zidine u Istri.


Buzet - city gates and walls

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The old town of Buzet has two city gates, Vela and Mala (16th century) and four town squares connecting the three main streets. Vela vrata gates represent the entrance to the old town and the beginning of the city walls surrounding the old core.


Novigrad - city walls

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The old town of Novigrad was once entirely surrounded by walls, and todayit is preserved only in parts close to the coast.


Dr. Ante Šonja's waterfront

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The coastline of dr. Anton Sonja (aka Lungomare) is a popular promenade along the outside of the walls that surround the old town of Porec. Along the coast the view spreads to the north side of Porec, bay Peškera and the neighbourhoods Pical and Materada.